22 April 2014


Hello my daisies and welcome to MyGoodnightLove, a "new" beauty blog that's found itself on the internet.

A little introduction to myself: my name is Bianca and I'm a London-based makeup artist with a passion for anime and a background in photography, theatre and fashion design. A few years ago, I had set up this blog and was quite active for almost two years and then decided to "spring clean." Two years on, I've returned and boy, do I have a lot to share with you!

From lipstick to candles, lattes to conventions, you'll be getting a variety of reviews and other exciting things on this website.

For those of you who still follow me after all this time, it's great to see you! For those of you who have just found me, it's a pleasure to meet you! My first post will be up soon, I can assure you. So please be patient and I hope you all enjoy.

Goodnight, love. x